Some Days…

Some days it’s selfish; Some days it’s attention seeking; Some days it’s so bitter the only way to survive is denial or escape; Some days it’s so numbing you can’t tell the difference between joy and pain; Some days it’s so loud the only thing you hear is the echo of death ringing in your … More Some Days…


Summer again.  Well almost.  Tomorrow David graduates kindergarten (I know, right?!), and whereas our hearts couldn’t possibly be any prouder of our kind, bright, compassionate and tender-hearted little graduate, we feel the sting of missing his little brother extra deep this week.  It stings because it’s the very first chapter, beginning to end, that doesn’t … More Graduation


I honestly don’t know how to start this new chapter; my own or Joey’s new story.  I have re-written it a million times already but nothing seems right or good enough.  The story I know is a story of the past and the story I want is one of the future, but the story of … More Hope.

The Power of Choice

I can tell Joey’s body is tired.  Tired but still fighting hard.  Seizure monster visited again this week reminding us there’s a devastating disease destroying our son’s little body and that his time with us will be short.  We certainly don’t need reminders but it’s amazing how much you adapt and adjust when survival is … More The Power of Choice

3 1/4 – A Milestone

Joey is 3 1/4 years today.  A milestone.  A victory.  A reason to be thankful and count our blessings.  With every new season there’s quite a bit of adjusting.  The last four I’ve found myself surprised we got a little more time.  Grateful as well as unsure and a little scared… What should I expect? … More 3 1/4 – A Milestone

A Life Worthy of the Calling You Have Received

I’ve teared up about 100 times this week reading and watching beautiful, painful and honest Mother’s Day stories. One of my dear friends shared her and her husband’s infertility journey on her blog a few days ago. She writes beautifully about owning our stories – beginning, middle and end, even when the story isn’t what … More A Life Worthy of the Calling You Have Received

Release & Let Go

Dear son, It’s early morning. The smell of coffee is filling the house. Pale, gray morning light is peeking thru the blinds – enough light to see but barley enough to wake up and greet another day. It is as if the sun is too tired to shine through the dreary January sky. It’s quiet, … More Release & Let Go