“But the greatest of these is love”

Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold”                             – Zelda Fitzgerald

GM-1 is much like the enemy – it comes to kill, steal and destroy. We’ve seen it take so much from our son in such a short period of time, and yet sometimes it feels like we’ve lived with it forever. Last night, David (4) randomly started asking me about Joey and when he’s going to heaven. I told him we won’t know, but that we will make the most out of every day with him, shower him with love and kisses and hold him tight and often. To which David replied, “then we will be sad and cry a lot and it will only be you and me and daddy…I won’t have a brother anymore.”

Joey giving David kisses

I didn’t have any profound comforting words for my oldest son, but it made me ponder the impact Joey has and will have on so many people’s lives. Despite his young age, despite his disabilities, despite GM-1 he has shown us that love, if we let it, will always sustain us. He’s taught us that love is limitless and not defined by age, role or relationship. You can’t put love in a box because nothing can contain it. It carries you when everything you once took for granted crumbles to pieces under your feet. It breathes for you when death is a little too near and you’re too tired to live. It gives you hope when there is none. When fear threatens to tear you to pieces, love holds everything together. It’s fierce and endures almost anything. It fights hard and without ceasing because that’s what love does. Love doesn’t need words to communicate, and its message travels farther than any feet can ever wander.

Joey’s story is one of hope and love and we are so grateful to be part of it.

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